Taleb é muito “pop” mas de pouco conteúdo?

Neste ótimo blog sobre o R (link direto ao post), uma crítica ao Nassim Taleb, já ao final do texto:

Overall, I don’t like Taleb’s The Black Swan. While some of what it has to say (the fallacy of seeing things as a controlled dice game) is very sound, it is riddled with straw man propaganda techniques when he gets on to his critique of statistics. I can only presume he received some exceptionally bad, old fashioned teaching of economics, econometrics and statistics, and didn’t take the trouble to look beyond to the amazing things that have been going on in this field. He writes as though no-one before him had noticed non-normal distributions or outliers. See my answer on Cross-Validated.

A sequência do debate no Cross-Validated é interessante. Aliás, quem tomou o lugar de Taleb na lista dos “economistas pop” é o Thomas Piketty que, talvez, tenha até mais produção científica relevante do que ele.