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O Leviatã sueco

Johnny Munkhammar, program director at Timbro, a free-market think tank in Stockholm, explains that, even with its piecemeal approach, the Reinfeldt government is swimming against the tide of public opinion. “This government plans to sell a number of companies,” he says, “but because they have failed in communicating how and why, public opinion is not behind the measures.” Recent polling data show that a plurality of Swedes are opposed to offloading state companies (which could add some $22 billion to the government’s coffers). Given such public hostility, few expect Reinfeldt to engage in an aggressive privatization campaign.

Fredrik Erixon, a Swedish economist with the Brussels-based European Center for International Political Economy (ECIPE), laments that, despite reforms of income taxes, social security, and school policy, “nothing much has happened yet” on privatization. “The government has prepared for privatizing six companies,” he says, but “that’s not much considering the government’s portfolio of 55 companies.”

Aparentemente, Reinfeldt está longe do que lhe acusam os opositores socialistas. Mas, convenhamos, lutar contra tantos grupos de interesse de uma só vez é muito difícil.