Prêmio Nobel

Sobre Eric Maskin:

Mr Maskin lives in a house in Princeton once home to Albert Einstein (and at least one other Nobel laureate), and he dresses up as the great physicist at Halloween, so there may be the makings of a plot there. Yet, despite the importance of the topic, The Economist suspects there are no plans for “Mechanism Design—The Movie”.

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Landsburg merecia o Nobel, não Al Gore

Basta ler isto. Trecho:

Barring a last-minute intervention by the Supreme Court, the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize will be shared by Albert Gore Jr. Admittedly, Gore has been less of a menace to world peace than some previous laureates (think Henry Kissinger). But there is nothing particularly peaceable about Gore’s rhetorical approach to climate policy. At his most pugnacious, Gore has depicted the fundamental trade-off as one between environmental responsibility and personal greed. Of course, as everyone over the age of 12 is perfectly aware, the real trade-off is between the quality of our own lives and the quality of our descendants’.

In other words, climate policy is almost entirely about you and me making sacrifices for the benefit of future generations. To contribute usefully to the debate, you’ve got to think hard about the appropriate level of sacrifice. That in turn requires you to think hard about roughly half a dozen underlying issues.

Leia as questões e tente responder antes de cair no conto do vigário.


O Ari já adiantou…

…mas eu digo: microeconomia levou o Nobel. Particularmente, Maskin é um dos nomes importantes na modelagem do conceito de restrição orçamentária não-rígida, o que bate com o press release do Comitê.

Ótima escolha.

UPDATE: Design de mecanismo é a bola da vez! Ou seja, em microeconomia, leilões e a boa e velha teoria dos jogos em alta. Melhor do que pensava!