Teorema de Alchian-Allen, na prática

Um trecho, via Kindle, do ótimo: “Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade” – Adam Minter.

“(…) the critical fact for American scrap companies competing against Chinese companies is that the price of shipping to China is typically cheaper than shipping between geographically distant U.S. cities. For example, in late 2012 a container shipped via railway from Los Angeles to Chicago could cost as much as $2,400—or four times more than it would cost to send the same container to Shenzhen. In other words: U.S. demand for Chinese goods means that a paper mill in southern China can outcompete a Chicago-area paper mill for a shipping container of old newspapers in Los Angeles. That’s the power of the backhaul—and American demand for Chinese-manufactured goods.”

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