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Desigualdade de gênero: as mulheres que fazem turismo sexual, mas não assumem

“(…), gender is also not the only variable at play: women clients are also engaging in sex tourism, as documented both in Thorbek and Pattanaik, and in Taylor (2001). The latter, in particular, offers a more in-depth analysis of North American and Northern European women buying sex work services of young men in the Caribbean, in what they themselves describe as ‘romance holidays’. Responses to her interviews suggest that, on the one hand, women clients are mostly reluctant to define what they engage in as prostitution, and, on the other, that their ideas about the young men whose service they buy are deeply rooted in racist ideas about black men and black men’s sexuality. [DELLA GIUSTA, M. Simulating the impact of regulation changes on the market for prostitution services. European Journal of Law and Economics, v. 29, n. 1, p. 1–14, 2010.]
Pois é. Percebemos, então, que as estatísticas podem ter outra fonte de erros de medida: a dificuldade de mulheres em assumir que estão fazendo turismo sexual. Interessante, né?