As origens nada nobres de certas políticas públicas (como o salário mínimo)

In 1910, for another example, many economists and other scientists believed that the category ‘‘Aryan race’’ was helpful and wise in thinking about the economy and the society. It was, we later decided, a misleading and stupid and even evil category, though at the time most scientists, such as the great English statistician Karl Pearson, thought it was not. Around 1910 the American Progressives, especially the leading economists among them, believed passionately in racism, and advocated policies such as immigration restrictions and the minimum wages to achieve eugenic results favorable to the Aryan race (Leonard 2016). In 1925 Pearson published with Margaret Moul an article in the inaugural number of the Annals of Eugenics recommending that Ashkenazi Jews be forbidden to immigrate to Britain because they had low IQs and dirty clothing.

Bonito, heim?

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