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Custos humanos do terrorismo

Trecho da conclusão:

At the same time, the impact of terrorism is placed into context against two standards. For a representative year, the median number of disability adjusted life years lost to terrorism is 486,378. That is, terrorism lies in the bottom 9% of the global burden of disease. Similarly, it is shown that the benefit–cost ratio for DHS counterterror expenditures can be no greater than 0.47.

That calculation suggests that a significant portion of counterterror expenditure is non-instrumental, i.e., a public spending rationale that includes something other than its effect on terrorists. For example, cross-country panel analyses suggest that terrorism increases the statistical likelihood of cabinet changes in parliamentary governments, implying that counterterror policy has a role to play as a form of organizational and/or coalitional maintenance for those currently holding power. 

Artigo novo lá na Public Choice.

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