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A Análise Econômica do Direito encontra a Economia dos Esportes

Duas áreas que me são muito queridas se encontram neste artigo meu com Ari e Frank. O resumo?

In this article we used the approach of economic analysis of crime to understand the determinants of punishment for offences in games of Brazilian Soccer Championship in 2012. Models on the determinants of the most serious offenses committed by athletes from clubs in the Brazilian Championship, punished with red and yellow cards (Poisson regression models and negative binomial) were estimated. In fact, athletes seem to respond to economic incentives. Our results suggest that: (a) the athlets of the home team receive, on average, a smaller number or red and yellow cards; (b) there is a positive trend of punishments through the championship and (c) there is non-linear relationship between punishments and goals.

É isso aí.