The Brazilian Workshop in Economic History

Call for Papers

The Brazilian Workshop in Economic History, organized at the Department of Economics of the University of São Paulo, has promoted the interaction of Brazilian-based researchers and graduate students of economic history in the past four years. With the goal of broadening and internationalizing our network, we are opening a call for papers for the 5th Workshop, which will be held this time at Insper, São Paulo, on 16th and 17th August 2018. We invite researchers to submit papers to workshophist@gmail.com until 2nd April 2018. A committee formed by William Summerhill (UCLA), Renato Perim Colistete (FEA-USP), and Leonardo Weller (EESP-FGV) will evaluate the submissions. The Workshop is organized as a series of one-hour, single-paper sessions attended by all participants. Nine papers will be selected for presentation and discussion. The committee will announce the list of the selected articles on 15th May 2018. The committee welcomes working papers with research-based results relevant to the literature, written in Portuguese or English. We invite the submission of papers that draw upon primary evidence and employ appropriate analytical tools, regardless of the period and topic of analysis. Even though the workshop is meant to focus on Brazilian economic history, the committee may accept papers on other countries. The Workshop will cover hotel accommodation and meals for one presenter of every accepted paper, while participants will be responsible for their travel expenses. We have the honor of counting with William Summerhill as keynote speaker. 

Main dates:
Submission deadline – 2nd April 2018, please e-mail the papers to workshophist@gmail.com

Announcement of the selected papers – 15th May 2018
Workshop – 16th and 17th August 2018, Insper, São Paulo

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