Oferta e demanda no espaço

Eis um artigo legal sobre o tema. Trechos:

Currently, the prices of launch are still high enough that demand remains relatively inelastic. At a recent Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies panel event, part of the conversation centered around that discussion of inelasticity. One of the panelists, Dr. Scott Pace, the director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, argued that thus far SpaceX has been successful at winning market share, but that its lower prices have not yet generated a spike in increased demand. He also pointed out that, on the demand side, technological progress is creating competition between plans for smaller satellites in larger numbers and larger satellites with improved capabilities. How that competition plays out will help determine the nature of the demand for space launch, which will also change elasticity to price.

These are, as-of-yet, hypotheticals. It may well be that SpaceX’s reusable rockets move prices below a point that opens up more demand for launch. Increasing demand for space-based data, mixed with lower access costs, could be the right mix to spark a long-awaited renaissance in space use.



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