Por falar em modelos DSGE…


The 12th annual DYNARE Conference (http://www.dynare.org) will be held in Rome at Banca d’Italia on September 29-30, 2016. The conference is organized by the Banca d’Italia, together with Banque de France, DSGE-net, and the Dynare project at CEPREMAP.

The DYNARE conference will feature the work of leading scholars in dynamic macroeconomic modeling and provide an excellent opportunity to present your own research results.

Pierpaolo Benigno (LUISS Guido Carli University and EIEF) and Raf Wouters (National Bank of Belgium) will be plenary speakers.

Submissions of papers dealing with different aspects of DSGE modeling and computational methods are all welcome. Papers using other software tools than DYNARE or theoretical contributions are also encouraged.

Paper submission procedure: please send a complete manuscript or a detailed abstract in PDF format at conference@dynare.org<mailto:conference@dynare.org>

Deadline for submissions is April 10, 2016. Authors of accepted papers will be informed by April 30, 2016.

Accepted papers will be automatically considered for publication in the Dynare Working Papers series (http://www.dynare.org/wp) conditional on the agreement of the submitter. Note that publication in the Dynare WP does not prohibit submission to another working paper series.

Contact: conference@dynare.org<mailto:conference@dynare.org>

Conference organizers: Andrea Gerali (Banca d’Italia), Michel Juillard (Banque de France), Alessandro Notarpietro (Banca d’Italia), and Massimiliano Pisani (Banca d’Italia).

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