Por que o Judiciário brasileiro precisa ser reformado?

Porque ele gera emprego? Gera lucro? Facilita a alocação de recursos? Tudo isto? Eis trechos da conclusão deste artigo:

In this paper we used data from a survey on approximately 100 Brazilian firms in the textile and consumer electronic sectors carried out between December 2004 and July 2005. It was found that whereas firms had an only moderately negative perception about the judicial systems’ impartiality, honesty, consistency and ability to make its decisions respected, the perception of the systems’ accessibility was very negative and that of its expeditiousness had practically all respondents choosing the most negative qualifier.


In terms of the variation of firms’ expectations about judicial institutions we found that
larger firms (in value of production) tend to have better expectations, but those with, ceteris paribus, more workers, had a more negative perception. This suggests that larger firms are better able to adapt to the judicial systems’ shortcomings, and that the inherent bias towards workers’ rights, though predictable, is seen as a significant hindrance by the firms. In addition we found that, as expected, exporters and firms that received direct foreign investment tended to have more negative perceptions of judicial institutions.

(…) We found that firms’ expectations of, and belief in, the judiciary decreased, all else constant, the growth of employment from 2000 to 2004/2005 and increased capital labor ratios, though we found no effect on worker productivity. (…)our paper also suggests that the design of such reforms is not straightforward, as judicial institutions are intertwined in complex ways within the broader institutional matrix of the country.

Pois é. Eu falava de como a Estatística é útil, né? Agora, quando falamos de desenvolvimentos institucionais, aí é que a coisa fica mais séria…

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