Valores sociais, trocas e experimentos

Why do internet business people exhibit more other regarding behavior than students? Common wisdom suggests that pro-social characteristics would be selected away from in the anonymous online world. However, it is precisely in semi-anonymous situations where trust is at a premium suggesting the opposite selection.


We fi nd sparse evidence to support the Levitt and List (2007) selection hypothesis. While our priors were that internet business people would exhibit less pro-social behavior than students indeed we expected that the purely self-interest homo economicus models would o er excellent predictions we wanted to see the evidence for ourselves.

We were surprised by what we found. Across dimensions of trust, altruism, monitoring, and lying, internet business people were more pro-social than students. Moreover, the di erences were not small. Compared to students in the lab, internet business people were twice as likely to both be trustworthy and over 50% more likely to trust in a trust game. Internet business people contributed
over 250% more in dictator games. They lie one-third less often than students. The e ffects are more muted compared to students in the fi eld, suggesting that fi eld settings, in part, promote pro-sociality; however, even here, internet business people were, on the whole “nicer” than students.

Não sei não, mas acho que o pessoal de Economia Experimental é que vai gostar deste working paper.

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