Ronald Coase

Mensagem oficial do Coase Institute:

With deepest sorrow I am writing to share with you the news

that Ronald Coase passed away in Chicago today, September 2, after a brief illness.
We have lost a magnificent scholar, an inspiring mentor, a remarkable friend.

His intellectual contributions were profound and enduring.
His spirit of inquiry was constant. “We do not know. It is our task to find out.”
His generosity to young scholars was immense.

This summer he was planning his first journey to China and completing plans for
a new journal to be co-edited with Ning Wang. He was reading Science and Nature
to examine how natural scientists go about drawing their conclusions. And during
his last days he spoke warmly to us about how proud he was of the young scholars
associated with this Institute and the future: “I am thrilled at what you are doing.”

A legacy to cherish.

Viva Coase!