Religião importa?

Tiago V. Cavalcanti · Stephen L. Parente · Rui Zhao
Religion in macroeconomics: a quantitative analysis of Weber’s thesis

Abstract Max Weber in 1905 claimed that Protestantism, and more specifically Calvinism, facilitated the rise of capitalism. This paper assesses the quantitative plausibility of his hypothesis by introducing religious beliefs into a dynamic general equilibrium model of development and growth. Through counterfactual exercises, the paper investigates whether differences between Catholics and Protestants most closely identified with the Protestant Work Ethic can account for long delays in the start of Industrialization observed between various countries and regions. The main finding is that these differences may possibly explain why Northern Europe developed before Southern Europe, but they cannot explain why Europe developed before Latin America.

Tá na hora de você repensar sua ida à igreja. ^_^

p.s. veja também este outro artigo do Tiago.

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