Como o governo usa massacres para fazer auto-propaganda

I see that the Shanghaiist has linked to the youtube edition of a “documentary” on the Rape of Nanking, one of the most evil and depraved aberrations of the 20th Century. It happened, it was unforgivable and if my own family had been one of the victims, it would be a source of outrage my entire life, as the Holocaust is to me today.

This video, however, is nothing but a piece of embarrassingly obvious propaganda that, with the very first voiceover, betrays its agenda and prejudices.


And yes, this is the same cynical video that created a bit of a firestorm here a few months ago. Before the usual suspects whine that I don’t understand China and hate them and don’t know how bad the Japanese were, read through the earlier thread. I know, I sympathize, I reject the revisionists in Japan who would rewrite the awful story, and I have read Iris Chang’s book. I know. I also hate propaganda and the manipulation of the masses with images and slogans designed to appeal to man’s basest instincts, and attempts to titillate and incite with a never-ending stream of graphic photos of dismembered women and children, clearly attempting to fan the flames so the hatred burns as intensely now as 60+ years ago. Tell the story of the Rape of Nanking and the Holocaust and show us the photos. Show us the videos of the innocents beheaded in Iraq. But do it in a manner that educates and informs, as opposed to titillating with vulgarity and lewdness.

Leia tudo.


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