Um pouco sobre Kornai

Conheci Kornai, digo, sua obra, no mestrado. E eis que agora sei mais sobre ele.

Outside Hungary and the precincts of professional economists, János Kornai is not a household name. “By Force of Thought,” Mr. Kornai’s memoir, may not make him one overnight, but it is a thoughtful account of an extraordinary life and a portrait of a certain kind of intellectual dissent too little written about from personal experience.

Mr. Kornai was born in 1928 and raised in Budapest in a prosperous, assimilated Jewish family. His life changed abruptly with the outbreak of World War II. His father, a lawyer, had once represented German business interests in Hungary; he would be arrested and eventually deported to Auschwitz, where he perished. One older brother was drafted into a Hungarian labor battalion and died on the Eastern Front. Mr. Kornai himself managed to obtain a kind of passport, which the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was distributing to Jews; armed with this document, he was spared deportation and survived the war.

The traumas he experienced and the need to resist fascism led him to sympathize with the Communist Party and to join it a few months after the war’s end. For a time, he was a sincere believer not only in the Hungarian dictator, Mátyás Rákosi, but in Stalin as well; the young Mr. Kornai carried a “blind, unconditional faith” in the Soviet Union in spite of the brutalities he had witnessed by liberating Red Army troops.

Leia mais sobre a história do criador do conceito de “restrição orçamentária rígida” aqui.

Uma nota pessoal: depois disto, é de rir quando alguém da ala não-liberal do Brasil (95% do país) diz que “restrição orçamentária rígida” é coisa do neoliberalismo neocolonialista do Consenso de Washington. É uma estupidez. Não tem outro nome para tal sandice.


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