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Mais sexo, mais felicidade…e mais produtividade?

Impact of Sexual Activity on Wage: an Empirical Investigationpor Paulo R. A. Loureiro; Mário Jorge Cardoso de Mendonça; e Jaime Orrillo.Working Papers No 07 – 010 – Outubro 2007


We test the assumption that the relation between sexual activity is nonlinear, considering that the impact of sex on productivity and therefore on wage occurs during a certain interval of times which one cannot perceive if discrimination is not done. In other words, we must use different dummies to enumerate distinct frequencies. A similar procedure appears in Blanchflower and Oswald ( 2004 ) to test the effect of sexual activity on happiness. This is done in column (2) and the results show that this assumption is valid.

Keywords : productivity, sexual activity , wage.

Ok, o abstract ficou meio confuso. Mas o ponto é:

For the unrestricted model the interval where sexual activity is significant comprehends a frequency from two to five times a week. In our opinion this achievement reflects the fact that the relation between sexual activity and productivity is determined by a non-decreasing relation in which there is a limit which the impact of one unit more of sex does produce an effect on productivity and therefore on wage.

Moral da história: sexo faz bem para sua produtividade (…até certo ponto).

p.s. não acredita? Olha o modelo teórico aqui.