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Isabel Allende e a Venezuela dos anos 70

When the famed Chilean author, Isabel Allende, had to leave her native country in the wake of the military coup against leftist president Salvador Allende in 1973, she and her family fled to the safety and stability of Venezuela, then a beacon among the tumult of Latin America. In a recent interview, Ms. Allende recounted,

“I went to Venezuela, because Venezuela was one of the very few democratic countries left in Latin America where you could go. … The country has all the resources. At the time when I went there in the ‘70s it was one of the richest countries in the world because of the oil boom. The problem, at that time, everything looked very abundant and there was a lot of corruption, but there was enough corruption for everybody.”

The contrast between Venezuela of the 1960s and 1970s – when it had a per capita GDP six times higher than Spain and was the first country in the world to be declared malaria-free – and today is a sober reminder that stability can be ephemeral.

Direto do último relatório do Fragile States Index (o novo nome do antigo Failed States Index).

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Concordo com Eli Dourado

Reproduzo na íntegra.

On my post on antitrust regulation, commenter Ed Darrell argues:

There is [sic] no “violent” methods to force people into Social Security. It’s a tax, one we consent to when we buy into the social contract that forms the basis for our Constitution…

I suppose I can’t speak for anyone else, but I pay taxes because the government has big guns and will come after me if I don’t pay them. I have never consented to any social contract; the government does not seem to have gotten the memo.

Contractarianism is not just bad philosophy. It is a lie—an ignoble lie—perpetuated by the government in an attempt to establish moral legitimacy, to equate legal obligations with moral ones.

I am not (at present) arguing that there is no philosophical justification for government. Any such justification, however, must come to terms with the fact that government is inherently violent.

Eu não teria dito melhor.