Mercado de seguros…no tempo dos piratas

Provavelmente eu já falei disso aqui. Mas a pergunta, do Leo Monasterio, é a melhor: quanto valeria um olho hoje? Ou melhor, qual o preço relativo de um olho em relação a um braço, por exemplo, hoje em dia?

“Then came the agreed awards for the wounded, who might have lost a limb or suffered injuries. They would be compensated as follows: for the loss of a right arm, 600 pieces of eight or six slaves; for a left arm 500 pieces of eight or five slaves. The loss of a right leg also brought 500 pieces of eight or five slaves in compensation; a left leg 400 or four slaves; an eye, 100 or one slave, and the same award was made for the loss of a finger. If a man lost the use of an arm, he would get as much as if it had been cut off, and a severe internal injury which meant the victim had to have a pipe inserted in his body would receive 500 pieces of eight or five slaves in recompense.” (The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates” by Peter T. Leeson)

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