Se é que tal criatura existe…(sinalização)

Observing monkeys biting each other, Bateson remarked that they were “engaged in an interactive sequence of which the unit actions or signals were similar to but not the same as those of combat” (1955/1972a, p. 152; emphasis added). That is, to a casual observer or a poorly socialized monkey (if there were such a creature), the same actions might be taken as either fight- ing or playing. Bateson reasoned that the monkeys must have some way of signaling to each other—some form of “meta-communication”—that enabled them to discern which of the two modes was afoot. They were, in other words, “framing” their actions to signal either fight-biting or play-biting. [VAN HULST, M.; YANOW, D. From Policy “Frames” to “Framing”. The American Review of Public Administration, v. 46, n. 1, p. 92–112, 2014]

Ah, macaquinhos…