História Econômica…séria!

Divulgo para a alegria dos pesquisadores:

Second EH-Clio Lab Conference
Call for Papers
We invite all interested researchers to send their paper for submission for the Second EH-Clio Lab Conference which will be held on August 8th and 9th, 2014 in Santiago de Chile, in the Instituto de Economia of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (campus San Joaquin). The objective of this conference is to bring together for a day a selected number of papers in economic history, institutional economics and other topics related to the use of economic modeling and econometric techniques to better understand the process of development to be presented to a wide audience of researchers from Chile and abroad working in related topics.
The Economic History and Cliometrics Lab (EH Clio Lab) uses economic tools and quantitative methods for the study of the economic history with the objective of achieving a better understanding of past events. This allows us to improve our understanding of the process of economic development and refine our perceptions of the specific mechanisms present in each historical process.
In order to achieve this, the EH Clio Lab gathers and builds statistical series that reflect Chilean development since XIX century, and contributes with research in specific aspects of economic development in Chile, Latin America, and the rest of the world.
The conference will consist in single-track sessions and each paper presented will be commented by an assigned participant. Three sessions will be offered by our invited speakers:
 Robert Margo, Boston University
 Claudio Ferraz, PUC-Rio
 Gustavo Bobonis, University of Toronto
Papers must be submitted before May 2nd
 2014 by email in pdf format at:
ehcliolabconference@gmail.com. The organizers will contact the selected authors at the latest by June 1st.
We may be able to offer partial funding for economy travel to Santiago for accepted papers, depending on funding opportunities. Please indicate whether you will require funding when submitting your paper.
The organizing committee is made of: Jeanne Lafortune, Francisco Gallego, Matias Tapia and Jose Diaz (all from the EH-Clio Lab in PUC-Chile).
This conference is partially funded by Conicyt /Programa de Investigación Asociativa SOC1102.

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