A Ética Budista do Capitalismo

“(…) many of the Buddha’s earliest followers were bankers or traders, which suggests that the taking of interest was not forbidden. Further, Kosambi (1965, pp.178, 182) notes that several hundred years after the death of the Buddha, Buddhist monasteries often lent part of their monetary wealth to merchants and caravaneers to provide needed capital; presumably such loans yielded considerable interest payments”. [Pryor, F.L.  A Buddhist Economic System – in Principle: non-attachment to worldly things is dominant but the way of the law is held profitable, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1990, v.49, n.3, footnote 4, p.346-7]

Ok, ok. Caiu a vida fácil de quem achava que a culpa toda era de Weber. Aliás, em Desenvolvimento Econômico, aprendemos que as coisas são bem mais complicadas, certo?