Entrevista com Vito Tanzi


Frase do dia:

I’m a bibliophile, so I buy tons of books, which creates problems for my house—there are stacks of books all over. But it allows me to economize on time, since I don’t have to spend time at libraries!

Álguem no mundo me entende!

Sabedoria do dia:

Is there any one economic thinker that all public economists should read?

There were people who never lost sight of society at large. Both Keynes and Milton Friedman based their economic views on their direct observations. Now we have reached the stage where it is believed that, if something doesn’t work in theory, why should we pay attention to the practical side? I have always tried to tie my economics less to the technical papers I read, and more to my own direct observations. Not to say that one should exclude the other, but both should be important. I think that macroeconomics should still come more from what you see when you look around you than from purely theoretical papers.


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