Recebi esta mensagem e gostaria de compartilhá-la com os que estudam seriamente economia austríaca.

Good morning folks. Please see below for details on this year’s 2009 Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Competition sponsored by the SDAE.

The Society for the Development of Austrian Economics is pleased to announce that submissions for the 2009 Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Competition are now being accepted. Submissions will be accepted from advanced PhD students in economics or other relevant disciplines anywhere in the world. The competition is limited to thesis chapters and/or other research that is geared toward publication in the professional journals; submissions should adhere to appropriate standards of academic writing and should be on a topic relevant to Austrian economics. There is no word limit; and, students submitting papers to this competition will retain all publication rights to their work; however, winners are encouraged to submit their papers to The Review of Austrian Economics for possible publication.

Three prizes are given, each worth $1000, to be used to pay expenses to attend the Southern Economic Association meetings this November 21-23, 2009 in San Antonio, TX, where the winners will present their work on a special panel scheduled for 10:00am, Saturday, November 21. Prize awards are contingent on attending the SEA meetings and the SDAE’s annual business meeting and awards banquet on Sunday evening, November 22.

The prize committee consists of:

· Peter Boettke, Committee Chair, George Mason University
· Emily Chamlee-Wright, Beloit College
· Steven Horwitz, St. Lawrence University
· David Prychitko, Northern Michigan University
· Virgil Storr, Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2009. Decisions will be made by October 15.

Please send all questions and submissions electronically to Peter Lipsey at plipsey@gmu.edu.

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