Peter Boettke, novamente, ataca o obscurantismo

To me, Austrian economists and classical liberal political economists should not be satisfied professionally until they are the editor of the AER or JPE or QJE and teaching at Princeton, Chicago, Harvard, MIT or Stanford.  Academic life certainly can be productive and personally rewarding elsewhere, but if you aspire to be a significant research economist in the world of professional economics this should be your goal.  Work in proportion to your aspirations.

Excelente posição. Mas por que pararmos aqui?

 Daring to be different doesn’t mean ignoring the established institutional hierarchy and pecking order in publishing.  It means, to me, striving to break into the hierarchy and pecking order on your own terms.  Responsible radicalism in scholarship.

Nada como uma saudável humildade. Finalmente:

So I say embrace the division of labor in our profession, but don’t confuse or delude yourself about the institutional hierarchy or publishing pecking order. And don’t let others act deluded about the hierarchy or pecking order either — if they went to Iowa and publish in the Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance, they are not pushing out the envelope of economic knowledge!  (BTW, I have a paper in the QRE&F with Ed Stringham and JR Clark so I am not against publishing there)

Do good economics, find your relevant niche, and don’t be afraid to push your comfort zone to try to improve your ability to advance economic understanding among your students, the general population, and your peers.

Being a college professor is a GREAT way to make a living, and being part of the economics profession is HONORABLE.  I cannot imagine a better “job” and I cannot think of a better or more important scientific discipline to study.  As I tell all my students, economics is the sexiest of all disciplines.  The argumentative structure is a thing of beauty, and the insights it can provide on the way the world works is breathtaking.

Este é mais um trecho do eterno tema recorrente deste blog: a construção do pensamento e os trade-offs que a ciência apresenta para os cientistas. “Peter Boettke” – anote este nome quando quiser se lembrar de uma boa referência.

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