Missão difícil

Journal of Development Effectiveness

Aims & Scope

Journal of Development Effectiveness aims to support evidence-based policy making to enhance development effectiveness. It will do this by publishing high quality papers reporting evidence of the impact of projects, programs and policies in developing countries. Review papers covering a number of studies are particularly encouraged. The Journal does not subscribe to any one approach to impact evaluation, but requires that the techniques employed be rigorously applied, with a preference for studies which have been well contextualized with an appropriate use of mixed methods. The Journal will also publish papers of a more conceptual nature related to impact evaluation, as well as papers covering practical aspects of conducting impact studies. Journal of Development Effectiveness has an explicit policy of ‘learning from our mistakes’, discouraging publication bias in favour of positive results – papers reporting interventions with no, or a negative, impact are welcome. A listing of new impact studies will be included in each issue.
Missão difícil, mas válida a deste novo periódico. Deve evitar a baboseira pterodoxa do “blá-blá-metrics” que serve apenas para defender interesses e fundos de pesquisa para quem não consegue dizer, efetivamente, avaliar cientificamente um determinado programa de desenvolvimento.  
Um dos membros do board é o Martin Ravallion, muito na moda, atualmente, entre o pessoal da área.