Ah, se eu estudasse em Duke…

Dear Colleagues:

Now that the (almost daily) junior recruiting seminars are over, I would like to let you know that there will be an ERID conference titled *”Applications of Economic Analysis in Law”* to be held on *April 17* (Friday, whole day) and *April 18* (Saturday, till noon). The conference is aimed to bring together scholars in economics and law to engage in a dialogue of how recent research in economic analysis on legal issues could impact legal scholarship and subsequently on legal practices on related issues.

The tentative program of the conference and the list of out-of-town invited participants are included in the attached PDF file. Updated program and conference papers, when available, will be posted at the ERID website http://www.econ.duke.edu/erid. To summarize the theme of this conference are: (1). “*Racial and Gender Discrimination: Test for Prejudice*”; (2) “*Affirmative Action and the Mismatch Hypothesis*.”  The title of conference suggests that this is an interdisciplinary event –indeed the organizing committee includes Peter Arcidiacono and me from the economics department, Barak Richman from Duke Law and Nicola Persico (from NYU Economics and Law school). This conference is also partially funded by Provost’s Common Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies,  and Arts & Sciences Conference Grant. We have also received generous assistance from Tracy Lewis who helped us secure the very nice R J Reynolds Auditorium in Fuqua for the conference.

Dica do Duke. Que inveja. Temas polêmicos e gente séria para discuti-los. Na foto de hoje, até os patos mostraram saber mais economia do que eu. Não é a toa que eu encontre tantos patos por aí. Uns como os da foto, outros…bem, outros, nem tanto.

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