Pós-Keynesianos não servem para explicar a crise

Peter Boettke, que transita bem entre a galera heterodoxa, acha realmente que os tais pós-xxx não ajudam muito agora. Difícil discordar dele. Para Boettke, a explicação teórica tem endereço certo.

The current financial fiasco is not a consequence of market instability, but because of the inability of government to engage in “apt intervention” due to knowledge and incentive issues, and that in reality it is nowhere as dangerous as in the hands of politicians who presume they have that knowledge to effectively tackle the problem that they in fact do not. Since they don’t have the knowledge required but must act as if they do, they will instead respond to political incentives of the election cycle and their ideological whim. When you breakdown the “institutional structures” of an economy to engage in “apt intervention” when you cannot “aptly” accomplish what you plan to do, then don’t be surprised when things go crazy.

This isn’t libertarian, this is economics. The epistemic turn in economics that Hayek forged, and the public choice turn in political economy that Buchanan forged, provide us with the appropriate tools to understand the dynamics of interventionism and why the instability introduced through failed intervention tends to be met by every increasing attempts at “apt intervention”. Rather than policy, we need politics — changes in the rules that are consistent with the “generality principle.”

É isto aí, Pete!

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