O aniversário do seu miojão

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first instant noodles by Nissin Food Products Co. The emergence of instant food technology that can satisfy hunger in just three minutes and the subsequent addition of packaging the product in containers drastically changed the way we eat.

Although it was not Chicken Ramen, when the allowance my parents sent me ran out during my student days, I survived by eating other instant noodles until the next remittance arrived. I used to drain the hot water that I poured on the noodles and add thick sauce to them to make a dish that resembled fried noodles. I had the soup with the powdered base that came with the noodles on the side.

The tastiness of the strange and simple one-dish, one-soup satisfied me, yet I remember how awed I was looking at the picture of “serving suggestions” with garnishes printed on the package.

Será que o lamen instantâneo – aqui conhecido como Myojo Lamen – sobrevive por mais 50 anos? Eis aí uma coisa que nunca estudei: variação dos preços relativos do Miojão (no popular).

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