Matemática em Economia: Equilíbrio Geral

Quite a few Austrians maintain that mathematics is out of place in economics. But how can they be confident? Their not seeing how to do anything useful with it is no reason to suppose that no one else can use it any better. People with different personal abilities, backgrounds, and tastes legitimately pursue different research topics and employ different methods and styles of exposition. An approach lacking appeal to oneself may provide valuable insights to other persons. It is paradoxical for Austrians, especially those who like to expatiate on subjectivity and ineffability and the unpredictability of the future, to predict the usefulness of particular methods and to try practically to legislate on such matters.

Leland Yeager, claro, na RAE, em 1999: “Should Austrians Scorn General-Equilibrium Theory?”

UPDATE: Este post do Laurini também me faz pensar. Claro, é bom ter alguém do “mainstream” defendendo os modelos, e não um austríaco, como Yeager apenas. ^_^

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