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Administração sem teoria? Lixo.

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When theory comes in handy

Such knowledge helps in decision-making, says Henkel Adhesives executive. CRYSTAL NEO reports

IT IS easy to dismiss the business theories taught in school as irrelevant in the real world. But Marcus Kuhnert thinks that is nonsense.

‘If you have sound theoretical background, this helps you in decision-making,’ the vice-president of Henkel Adhesives Technologies in South-east Asia said.

Dr Kuhnert was speaking at the SIFE Singapore Forum at the National University of Singapore Business School last Saturday. SIFE, which stands for Students In Free Enterprise, is an international non-profit organisation that forms student teams in campuses to develop community outreach projects.

Dr Kuhnert noted that high-ranking leaders in companies often have little time for decision-making and do not have enough information to make a secure decision. So they have to fall back on the theories they learned in school.

‘This is an important fit in trying to combine theoretical knowledge with decision-making,’ he said.

Agora leia a matéria.

Um comentário em “Administração sem teoria? Lixo.

  1. A questão das Teorias da Administração é que, ao menos aquelas tratadas na graduação, são tão genéricas que não permitem enxergar a diversidade organizacional.

    O problema está nas crenças que formam as teorias fundamentais e no pouco tempo de desenvolvimento da área. Estamos engatinhando.

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