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Alemães engraçadinhos…

More than 10,000 visitors to an exhibition of terracotta warriors in Hamburg are to be offered refunds after organizers admitted the figures on display were fake.

The truth came to light when officials from Xian, home of the 2,000-year-old clay army, said they were unaware that they had lent any figures to Germany and that those on display at Hamburg’s Museum of Ethnology could not possibly be real as the originals were elsewhere.

Chinese experts are on their way to the city to examine the “Power in Death” exhibition, which consists of eight warrior figures, two horses and 60 smaller artifacts including bronze vessels, weapons and tools. German detectives have launched their own investigation.

A spokesman for the Leipzig exhibition firm Center of Chinese Arts and Culture (CCAC), which arranged the show, reluctantly admitted on German TV that the figures were copies.


A economia política no pós-CPMF

Reinaldo Azevedo, em bom momento, fala sobre as tramóias políticas no pós-CPMF. Veja também a crítica, digamos, moral, de Pedro Sette acerca da safadeza da novilíngua que, aliás, anda bem em voga nos dias de hoje. No meu tempo de faculdade, denunciar a novilíngua era algo que vinha dos professores “de esquerda”. Hoje, a esquerda comanda a criação da novilíngua. Nem Goebbels fez tanto pelo emburrecimento humano. Uma pena.