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O que Minas Gerais e a Mongólia têm em comum?

Certamente não é um acordo bilateral com os EUA sobre sua marinha. Trecho:

(WASHINGTON) Somebody should have looked at a map.

The State Department with great fanfare on Tuesday signed an agreement with landlocked Mongolia that will allow Mongolian ships to be boarded and searched if they are suspected of carrying weapons of mass destruction.

This despite the fact that Mongolia – a vast land that is home to the Gobi Desert, windswept steppes and largely populated by nomadic yak herders – has no navy at all and lies thousands of miles from open waters.

Still, its tiny merchant marine is recognised as one of 32 ‘flag of convenience’ countries by international maritime authorities.

The US-Mongolia shipboarding pact, the eighth signed between the United States and usually coastal or island nations, is designed to cover those Mongolian-flagged ships in international waters that might be used by other countries, notably North Korea, to disguise cargoes of illegal weaponry, US officials said.

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