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Concordo com Eli Dourado

Reproduzo na íntegra.

On my post on antitrust regulation, commenter Ed Darrell argues:

There is [sic] no “violent” methods to force people into Social Security. It’s a tax, one we consent to when we buy into the social contract that forms the basis for our Constitution…

I suppose I can’t speak for anyone else, but I pay taxes because the government has big guns and will come after me if I don’t pay them. I have never consented to any social contract; the government does not seem to have gotten the memo.

Contractarianism is not just bad philosophy. It is a lie—an ignoble lie—perpetuated by the government in an attempt to establish moral legitimacy, to equate legal obligations with moral ones.

I am not (at present) arguing that there is no philosophical justification for government. Any such justification, however, must come to terms with the fact that government is inherently violent.

Eu não teria dito melhor.

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