Saulo vai se coçar ao ler isto? Ou não?

The report reflected the fact that since 2001, scientists have become more certain that humans are responsible for a large part of global warming. Otherwise, though, this report had a definite sense of deja vu. Estimates of temperature increases, heat waves, and cold waves are all nearly identical to those produced six years ago.

The report did, however, contain two surprising facts. Both went unmentioned in most reports. First, the world’s scientists have re-jigged their estimates about how much sea levels will rise. In the 1980s, America’s Environmental Protection Agency expected oceans to rise by several meters by 2100. By the 1990s, the IPCC was expecting a 67-cm rise. Six years ago, it anticipated ocean levels would be 48.5 cm higher than they are currently. In this year’s report, the estimated rise is 38.5 cm on average.

This is especially interesting since it fundamentally rejects one of the most harrowing scenes from Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” In graphic detail, Gore demonstrated how a 6.10-meter rise in the sea level would inundate much of Florida, Shanghai, and Holland. The IPCC report makes it clear that exaggerations of this magnitude have no basis in science — though clearly they frightened people and perhaps will win Gore an Academy Award.

Este Al Gore só me faz falar bobagens…


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