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Já comentei aqui. Então, não me repito (uma rápida busca no Google e você resolve):

Hi all:

Version 0.2007.01.30 of Gambit, Software Tools for Game Theory, is now
available for download.

A primary objective of this release is to update the Gambit codebase for most currently-used versions of gcc. gcc versions 3.4.2 and greater are now believed to successfully compile Gambit, although some versions 4.0.x of gcc appear to be buggy. In addition, this version adds support for wxWidgets 2.8.

Internally, this version includes a new implementation of the quantal
response equilibrium tracing methods. The version for the extensive form (agent QRE) is now reliable for large lambda, and therefore represents the first generally-available method to compute a good approximation to a sequential equilibrium in extensive games.

There exist also the usual round of bug fixes, as well as improved
handling of larger games, both in the graphical interface and the
underlying library.

Finally, this release marks the (re)introduction of a Python interface
to the underlying library which represents and manipulates games. Since the interface is generated using the SWIG tool (http://www.swig.org), extension of this to other languages may be easy.

This version is known to build successfully on all supported platforms. Functionality on some systems running Mac OSX is still in question. Updates for OSX users will hopefully follow soon.

Best to all,

The Gambit Team


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