Abe é esperto

Fonte: Esta.

Abe visited Meiji Jinju shrine instead of the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine on Jan. 6 for his New Year’s worshipping, becoming the first prime minister to visit the Meiji shrine in six years since Yoshiro Mori.

His visit to the Meiji shrine comes at a time when Japan and China are working to mend their ties soured mainly due to Abe’s predecessor Junichiro Koizumi’s repeated visit to Yasukuni, which honors convicted war criminals along with the war dead.

While avoiding the controversial Yasukuni homage now at this sensitive time on the diplomatic front, Abe restored the Meiji Jingu visit, which had been a customary practice by Japan’s prime minister until Mori, the predecessor of Koizumi, in a bid to demonstrate his political stance to the conservative camp at home.

Abe se mostra um inteligente estrategista.

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