História Econômica – Escravidão

Ah, os companheiros latino-americanos adoram este sujeito:

Chavez is proposing to rope in every Venezuelan from ages 18 to 60 to “contribute” free labor to his favored shantytown projects. Whether he wants to or not. It’s not a voluntary program, but a forced one, under the socialist guise of ‘everyone pitch in together’ – something which works but only when it is voluntary, not compulsory. And it will be in the slums, at the direction of the nearest chavista commissar. Don’t like the area you are posted to? Too bad, the biggest dissidents will get the scariest slums, as an unofficial means of executing dissidents through the good offices of Venezuela’s abundant criminals.

Ah, os companheiros…

A História pode até lhes fazer justiça, mas não sei se eles entendem bem o que isto significa…



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