E no Brasil?

Mahalanobis, sobre os EUA:

Fun fact from an interview with David Card by the Minneapolis Fed:

One of the interesting things that I’ve witnessed in my 25 years as a professional economist is the changing character of the students that I see in graduate school. Every year I do a poll of students and ask how many of their parents have Ph.D.s. That ratio is now close to 60 percent, even at Berkeley.

I’m not sure this is a bad thing, in that I’m sure having a parent who understands what is needed to succeed in a field helps, and if this makes better economists, that is good. Then again, the signal-to-noise ratio from economists in general is not much better than it was 50 or 100 years ago, so I don’t see this as producing any great productivity shock to economic research.

E aí eu pergunto: e na selva?


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