Quem pesquisa o que?

Este saiu na Kyklos, v.59, 2006.

Which Countries are Studied Most by Economists? An Examination of the Regional Distribution of Economic Research – Michael D. Robinson, James E. Hartley, and Patricia Higino Schneider

Olha o resumo:

This paper examines the distribution of economic research as catalogued in the Journal of Economic Literature across countries of the world and attempts to explain those patterns. We report the number of articles published on each country and estimate a series of regressions to understand this pattern.We find that measures of a country’s size (physical and economic), connections with the outside world and data availability explain much of the pattern of research.We also find that tourism receipts, whether English is an official language, and thenumber of economic research institutions are significantly correlatedwith the amount of research done on a country.After controlling for all the variables, we find only three regions (all in Africa) with significantly less research published by economists in Journal of Economic Literature cataloged articles than North America.


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