Economia Política Constitucional e Religião

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Buchanan, the founder of the public choice school of economics, has written that the American Constitution ingeniously represents interests in such a way as to minimize the chance that government action will harm one group of citizens at the expense of another. The result may not be the libertarian dream of a pure “night-watchman state,” but, says Buchanan, at least it tends to promote public action only in areas of widespread agreement, leaving the rest for individuals and private groups to pursue. As the 19th century statesman John C. Calhoun put it, constitutional government in a varied society forces “the different interests, portions, or orders … to desist from attempting to adopt any measure calculated to promote the prosperity of one, or more, by sacrificing that of others; and thus to force them all to unite in such measures only as would promote the prosperity of all, as the only means to prevent the suspension of the action of the government-and, thereby, to avoid anarchy, the greatest of all evils.”


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