Milton Friedman sobre o McCartismo e o livre mercado

Em 1962, escreveu Friedman:

Entirely aside from the substantive issues involved [in McCarthyism], and the merits of the charges made, what protection did individuals, and in particular government employees, have against irresponsible accusations and probings into matters that it went against their conscience to reveal? Thei appeal to the Fifth Amendment would have been a hollow mockery without an alternative to government employment.

Their fundamental protection was the existence of a private-market economy in which they could earn a living. Here again, the protection was not absolute.


It is of interest to note that a disproportionately large fraction of the people involved apparently went into the most competitive sectors of the economy – small business, trade, farming – where the market approaches most closely the ideal free market. (…) This illustrates how an impersonal market separates economic activties from political views and protect men from being discriminated against in their economic activities for reasons that are irrelevant to their productivity – whether these reasons are associated with their views or their colors. [Capitalism and Freedom, p.21]

E tem gente que faz discursos contra o mercado e por um governo mais forte. Quem costuma ser esquecido nestes discursos, claro, é o cidadão comum, o tal eleitor.


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