Por que a Britney Spears toca no rádio.

Payola, jabá, pay-to-play. Os nomes são vários, mas significam a mesma coisa. As gravadoras pagam para as rádios tocarem seus artistas.
Ontem, a Sony Music teve que pagar US$10 milhõesem um acordo judicial para pôr fim à prática.

Qual é o problema com o jabá? Nenhum. Pense nas rádios como um braço das gravadoras, apenas canais de distribuição que são remunerados por isso. Além disso, quem disse que os programadores das rádios são mais hábeis em escolher as boas músicas do que os gestores das rádios? É de se esperar que as gravadoras usem o jabá como forma de superar a resistência à inovação. Afinal, qual o sentido de ficar pagando por um artista que os consumidores nunca vão gostar. É melhor escolher um que, vencida a barreira inicial, será um sucesso.

(Lembro que o Tyler Cowen conta no In Praise of Commercial Culture que o Chuck Berry só tocou nas rádios graças ao jabá. E que havia muito racismo no movimento contra o payola)


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  1. extensivamente discutido na slashdot (http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/05/07/26/0039223.shtml?tid=149&tid=233&tid=17)

    faço minhas as palavras de um dos caras que comentou nesse site


    Why exactly should this be illegal?

    That’s an interesting question. Here’s my two cents: The concept of collusion between two separate industries to manipulate the marketplace to their benefit.
    Sony Bertelsmann bumps the competition out of the way, and the radio industry gets to line its’ pockets by the simple action of excluding independent record companies, filling their playlist with Sony Bertelsmann acts.

    Imagine this: Microsoft buys out all nationwide software retailers so that there’s only Windows apps in their shelves. No Linux, no OSX, no nothing, only Windows. Sure, you can get your Linux apps through the Internet, or by driving to a mom-and-pop store across town. But it’s still an unfair competitive edge, brought about by Microsoft’s humongous resources that will only get bigger in this manner, and so it spirals ever deeper.

    The law, in theory, is there to protect the small guy from the bloated business monster with resources to burn in the pursuit of absolute control over everything.
    Inevitably, after a corporation grows to a certain bloated size, it seeks power for power’s sake, which historically has proven to be detrimental to society at large. They might think they are playing a clever game of chess on a grand scale, but they are actually waging warfare against a community that does not have the resources to fight back. Just look at Wal-Mart. And what did Akio Morita say back in the day? “Business is warfare”.

    Personally, I believe a basic mechanism to keep civilization running smoothly is to avoid allowing too much to accumulate in too few hands, and radio is no exception.

    I can think of many other arguments of why something like payola is wrong, but these are my thoughts on why it should be and remain illegal.

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